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When boys get their first beard in adolescence how does shaving work? Is an electric razor better or a wet shave? And how can redness after shaving be avoided?

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When you look in the mirror you discover the first hairs of the beard, the most diverse feelings are unleashed in boys: from pride and joy to insecurity and shame. In most boys, the beard begins to appear between the ages of 13 and 16. Often what you see is not a real beard. At first, the fuzz is soft and fluffy, and in some it grows only in scattered clumps. Only over time does the hair harden and the beard grows evenly.

Talk to your kid about shaving
You can and should shave despite the fluff. The first shave offers fathers and children a wonderful opportunity for dialogue. Many kids are grateful to their fathers for advising them and telling them about their experience, man to man. Obviously, the mother can also support by advising with concrete instructions. In the following text we explain step by step how teenagers can do to shave well.
Wet shave vs dry shave
Whether your boyfriend prefers to try wet or dry shaving, it’s an individual decision. The best thing is that you explain the pros and cons of both.
It is suitable for young people with sensitive skin
Little risk of cutting yourself
The hairs are cut only superficially
In those who have a vigorous regrowth of the beard, it keeps one day.

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