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“How many days can I use the same razor? Can I shave against the grain? How do I dry myself? How much aftershave should I put on? ” You thought you were doing fine, but … How do you shave? Or rather, how to cut your beard?

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Shaving is like frying an egg: everyone knows how to do it. A little foam, blade up and down, and that’s it. But the reality is that everyone knows how to shave… badly. Well, some maybe worse than others. Perhaps you, over the years, have gained enough skill not to end up with a face full of bits of toilet paper covering your cuts. Although there are certainly many other things that you do not know you are doing wrong and for which you would be denied the certificate of “excellent barber”. Don’t worry, in this article we will reveal 14 common mistakes to avoid when shaving your beard. Put on the foam, take the razor and write down your mistakes:

I wet my face a bit before shaving and I’m fine
To shave you have to open the water tap. If you plan to do it dry, you will spend a couple of days with a red face … With hot water, on the other hand, the hairs weaken and the blade passes more easily. The ideal would be to take a shower first, so that the pores open. You can also use the classic method: soak a towel in hot water, then squeeze it and put it on your face for a few minutes. It’s unusual for people to do this at home, but steaming a towel is the best way to open pores. Once you start trimming your beard, it is important to stick to the classic style of wet shaving, which consists of keeping the face hydrated between strokes with hot water. We also recommend the use of gel products or moisturizing oils for dry skin that can create a natural protective barrier against irritation. Cold water should only be used when you are finished, to rinse and therefore close the pores.

If the beard is rebellious and you don’t want to shave, I press harder
While it is usually said that in shaving it is better to use skill than strength, if you have a rebellious beard in some areas, the most common thing that almost everyone does is resort to force. It is likely that you will be able to remove stubborn hair with that pressure, but you will also likely get an itchy red rash for the rest of the week. Before pressing, it is best to apply warm water to the area, lather again and repeat the operation calmly. It would also be wise to see what is wrong with the blade and understand why it does not catch the beard. Perhaps the edge is worn and the blade needs to be changed, or perhaps the foam has not yet acted with its emollient effect on the beard and the pores have yet to open. Whatever the reason, remember that violence is never an option.

I wipe my face by rubbing it with a towel
After completing all the steps of shaving to perfection, you could still make a mistake in closing the operation, perhaps wiping your face badly with a towel. Keep in mind that you just ran a sharp blade over your face, and there is still a high probability of irritation, so rubbing yourself up and down with a towel now doesn’t seem to be the best thing. The ideal is to dab the shaved area by patting with a towel, gently, as the aristocrats did to wipe away sweat. Another very important thing is to wash the towel regularly. If he’s lost all of his fabric softener scent, it’s time to let him visit the washing machine.

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