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How to use the hair cream

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There are countless hair creams on the market: there are detangling ones, softening ones, those suitable for curly hair and also creams for a voluminous effect or for an exceptional shine. What many women do not know, however, is that the incorrect application of a hair cream can cause more damage than it solves, with a negative effect that can be difficult to remedy.

Some hair lotions, in fact, can be very aggressive: this is the case, for example, of those designed to lighten or to revive reflections, which can have a corrosive effect despite their good smell suggests something else.

What is hair cream
What is the hair cream used for
Hair cream which one to choose
Best hair cream
Grooming curly hair with the right products
What is hair cream
Other hair products, on the other hand, may not work at all if not applied as intended. For more specific information, please refer to reading the label of the individual hair products, but it is possible to offer general advice so as not to make mistakes.

First of all, the products should never be applied directly to the scalp. Often, this need is necessary in the case of the application of products with clinical purposes, but if it is a nourishing hair cream, it is certainly advisable to spread it first on the hands and then apply it on the hair.

What is the hair cream used for
Furthermore, to understand precisely how the hair cream is used, it is necessary to consider that the effect must be applied to the entire fiber, which means that the product must be applied from the root to the tips, without neglecting any point. Furthermore, it is essential to pay attention to the contact time:

Some products must remain in contact with the hair for a certain amount of time in order to ensure the desired activity.
Otherwise, the desired effects cannot be observed.
Finally, it is always good to describe delicate movements with the hands and avoid too rapid rubbing, which could corrode the hair or otherwise cause damage.

Nourishing hair cream: which product to use to protect the fibers. The nourishing hair cream is the generic product suitable for the most diverse situations. It can be used when the hair is dry and brittle, or when it has lost its shine and color. In other cases, the nourishing hair cream can be used to ensure the maximum activity of another lotion.

In this regard, the Keratin Star restructuring hair mask is certainly among the best products ever. Keratin, the fundamental essential principle of the lotion, has the specific objective of nourishing and rebuilding the hair, giving it strength and tenacity; Shea butter, on the other hand, softens and tends to detangle the hair, making it easy to comb and soft to the touch using a specific hair comb.

The product, designed for professionals in the sector, should be left on for at least 5 minutes, in order to ensure the deep penetration of the active ingredients.

Best hair cream
For particularly dry hair, it is necessary to use products designed ad hoc, which provide softness and silkiness.
In this context, the best cream for dry hair is undoubtedly the Nourishing Source Essentielle by L’Oreal, which with 99% natural ingredients exerts a very delicate action, suitable for all hair, but at the same time deep.

The cream, which contains neither silicones nor ingredients of animal origin, is characterized by the presence of coconut oil, particularly aromatic and smoothing thanks to its free fats, and for caramel and sesame seed oil, perfuming and smoothing.

This product must also remain on for 5 minutes, and must be rinsed thoroughly.
Hair dryness can also be caused by the straightener: in this case, the solution is L’Oreal Brushing Nutrifier Cream. This particularly smoothing lotion should be applied to almost dry hair and should not be rinsed to ensure the most effective results. It is designed to effectively protect hair subjected to stressful conditions, such as temperatures over 200 ° C.

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