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How often do you shave?

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Daily shave
For those who prefer a shaved look, they have no choice but to shave every day. The growth rate of the beard varies from subject to subject: Some men grow so fast that if they shave in the evening, a shadow of a beard can already be seen the next morning. In this case, it is therefore advisable to include shaving in the morning routine.

Shave every two or three days
It is a fact that a stubble beard has an attractive effect for many women. The three-day beard has long since shed its negative connotation. Regardless of the appearance, shaving every two or three days gives the skin the opportunity to recover from the stress of shaving. Because during each shave a part of the skin’s protective hydrolipidic film is removed. Men with very sensitive skin may suffer from skin micro-lesions more frequently. For men who do not have particularly pronounced beard growth, it is therefore sufficient to shave every two or three days.

Once a week
This shaving rhythm is often preferred by all those who have little time available or do not want to shave more often. Some men choose Sundays as a fixed day for shaving. This, however, is not always advisable: at least the contours of the cheek and neck should be shaved more frequently to maintain a well-groomed appearance.

Don’t shave at all
For those who want to grow a nice full beard, this is obviously the right option. Just wait and let it grow. But even in this case you shouldn’t be too lazy, because a full beard also requires a lot of care.

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