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Essential oils and flower extracts, the cream for damaged hair becomes sweet

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Soft and disciplined like when you leave the hairdresser: always having perfect hair is the dream of all women, but unless you decide to rely one day on the skilled hands of a professional, it remains a utopia. Long hair is a timeless must: many fairytale princesses have very long hair, some of the most famous dolls and on the catwalk stylists often rely on long hair to attract even more attention to their creations. In this way it might seem like a luxury for a few, because reconciling the little time left after the slalom between daily commitments, work and family with self-care is a superhero undertaking. But we were helped by the major manufacturers of hair care products, which have studied creams and formulations capable of acting quickly and effectively so that, even if sucked into the whirlwind of everyday life, we can go out without having a straight hair. And if we have the constancy to resort to some precautions every time we wash them, after some time our hair will be vital and nourished as after a beauty session. On the market there are balms, vials and masks for every need and for all budgets: just choose the most appropriate product for your needs and that’s it. And if you are worried about the lack of time, do not worry: most of the treatments involve a very rapid installation, proof of the most committed top manager!

An intensive mask that promises to fight the signs of damage in just 2 minutes: its composition, enriched with micro-nourishing agents, has been designed to maintain hair hydration in depth. The mask should be applied to damp hair from the tips to the roots, left to act for a couple of minutes, practically as if you were applying shampoo and rinsing. The hair is shiny and disciplined from the first application and styling it is quick and easy.

The Vitalcare Reconstituent 500 Argan mask is not just a cream, but a real beauty treatment. The consistency is not excessively dense and this allows the right amount of product to be distributed on the hair, even the longest ones. Just leave the mask on for a few minutes and then rinse. The cream is easily removed, leaving the hair significantly softer, thanks to the formula made, as well as with Argan oil, with essential oils. Designed for those with dry or damaged hair, it is also good for normal hair, while it is to be avoided if you have oily hair. A note that should not be underestimated is the pleasant but very delicate scent, of which, when dried, only a very slight trace remains.

A member of the large L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil family, the intense mask was designed to run for cover for particularly dry and dull hair. Its formulation, enriched with precious flower micro-oils, deeply nourishes the hair fiber, reducing frizz and split ends. Quite consistent and full-bodied, the cream spreads easily over the entire length of the hair, but once rinsed it leaves no residue that weighs down. On the contrary: the hair is bright and light and even the fold is simpler.

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