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Does shaving every day hurt?

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Shaving every day is a good habit: it helps to make the face brighter and to keep the skin younger, more toned and more elastic. However, for a perfect shave you need to follow some simple rules. First of all, soften the beard hair as much as possible, the thickest and hardest of the body. In addition, you must always clean the razor before shaving, prefer a thick and full-bodied shaving foam and, finally, apply a moisturizing ointment after shaving. Let’s see together all the tips for a perfect daily shave.

How to make beard hair soft?
To soften the keratin, which is the substance that the hair is made of, just moisten the skin of the face with water. If you have some time available, it is better to make compresses by placing a cloth soaked in warm water for two minutes. The heat will dilate the pores and soften the hair allowing the razor to slide more easily over the skin.

What is the best shaving cream to use?
The denser, more compact and fuller the foam, the more it retains water and makes the hair softer. The ideal is to choose foams that also contain emollient, refreshing and calming substances. The shaving cream should be kept on the face for at least one minute, because this helps to soften the hair even more. In the meantime, the razor must be cleaned well to avoid infections. Then you can move on to actual shaving.

Shave every day? Yes, but in the right way
The first pass must be done in the same direction as the hair, while the second pass can be done against the grain. This makes shaving gentler and less irritating to the skin. After shaving, you should always rinse your face to remove any residual hair. After shaving it is a good habit to apply a moisturizing ointment based on glucosamine, phospholipids and vitamin E, because these substances help the skin to regenerate, to repair the small traumas of shaving and to remain younger, more toned and more compact.

Here are other tips for shaving every day:

For those who wear a mustache, goatee or beard, the advice is to wash them carefully every day using neutral soaps. In fact, in long hair impurities and dead cells accumulate which can give rise to dermatitis. The same goes for sideburns.
Remember that the best time to shave is in the morning because the skin of the face is more relaxed, more rested and more relaxed and it is easier to pass the razor.
At the end of shaving, do not dry your skin by rubbing it with a towel, but gently pat the skin: this helps to avoid redness.

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